dev-benjamin-219413I hover between

conscious and unconscious worlds

hummingbird of dreams


Transparent droplets

betrayed by their own weight, fall.

Sad. Evanescent


Leaves glow like embers.

Time flies, a rising Phoenix.

I remain static.


A Summer song trapped
by heavy clouds. Beads of sweat
form. The first drop falls.


Stomach full of stones.
I set my alarm.


Haiku. That is all.
Or maybe that isn’t all.
Wait, it is. Oh well.

dark clouds huddle together.
Furtive. Conspiring.











Writer, philosopher, originator of urban myths and deliverer of ghetto fables. 
I discovered early on in life that I was a magnet for the surreal and wonderful. It's my duty to share it with you in the vain hope you will either learn from my example, or feel less alone in a crazy world. 
Life is a marathon and I run funny.  Watch me go. 

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