Electric Feels

All’s fair in love and magic tricks. Especially when your louse of a magician boyfriend is planning to leave you. Destiny caught a glimpse of her worried reflection in the mirror as she applied mascara to her long lashes. Her large, blue eyes nervously darted back to the space between her toothbrush, an emaciated tube of toothpaste and a hair-clogged razor. Don’t panic, Destiny, she … Continue reading Electric Feels


It’s easy to be anonymous in London. It’s one of the things I like about large cities. I gravitate towards places where I can hide in plain sight. It creates the illusion of belonging without actually having to interact. The tube is an extension of this anonymity. People cram into carriages, eyes straight ahead, glued onto the paper or their phone. The only goal is … Continue reading Connection

Pretty is as Pretty Does

It’s no secret that I’m a sucker for pretty. Ever since I fell in love with Morten Harket at the tender age of 7 because of his velociraptor like cheekbones and piercing eyes (sigh), I have battled becoming an idiot every time an attractive person said hello to me. Thankfully for me this wasn’t often. My adolescent years were spent in hoodies, playing Sega and … Continue reading Pretty is as Pretty Does

The Trust Paradox

It’s recently dawned on me that I can’t get that trust balance right. I want to be trusting, but I think the worst. I can ask a stranger to watch my things while I go to the bathroom, but I guarantee that seconds later I’m envisioning my identity being stolen, my laptop being trashed and someone trying to insert their genitals into the USB port … Continue reading The Trust Paradox

Herd Mentality

I’ve been binge watching Planet Earth. So far I’ve seen a wolf kill an ox, a shark kill a seal, a seal kill a penguin and global warming kill a polar bear. With the exception of the polar bear all the other animals were picked off from their herd, which got me thinking about our herds. As much as we try to separate ourselves from … Continue reading Herd Mentality

Trials and Tribulations of Cupping

A truthful account of the first time I used a cup. “Don’t panic,” I said to myself. “There’s nothing to panic about.” It was just a 6 cm silicone cup trapped all up in my lady parts. I was lucky this had been a trial run. I had decided to try a menstrual cup after ranting (once again) about Tampon tax. The cup was appealing … Continue reading Trials and Tribulations of Cupping

What’s the deal with the cup?

Curious about cupping? Let this idiot be your guide. I‘ve long been outspoken on periods and how they are viewed and treated within society. I’m baffled by the fact we have to pay for sanitary products when it’s part of our biology. To add insult to injury these products are then taxed as a luxury. If this was happening to men, there’d be a riot. … Continue reading What’s the deal with the cup?

Social Media Take the Wheel

When you’re in times of trouble, document your rage online. Daniel was tired. I was tired. The customer service call was just going round and round in circles. He kept telling me there was nothing he could do. My claim had been rejected. I calmly repeated that by law I was entitled to that refund. The airline had lied. I’d had a flight cancellation the month … Continue reading Social Media Take the Wheel