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The battle for most practical panties seems to be on. Gone are the days of pants simply hiding your shame and offering a paltry barrier to the cold. Now they actually DO stuff. In the Red Corner… For those of you who haven’t been exposed to the viral advertising campaign infecting Facebook feeds, THINXĀ are a […]

Women who sleep with my boyfriend, then have the cheek to comment on my sexual history will be verbally decimated. There is nothing that will get a woman more angry than finding out she’s being cheated on. Oh wait, how about his side chick calling herĀ promiscuous. “He thoughtĀ that because you’ve slept with so many more […]

I give up. Let someone else pick the next dysfunctional man I date. Ā Just don’t let that someone be my parents. After a conversation on the dire stateĀ of myĀ love life, my friendĀ JessĀ suggested letting my friends introduce me to nice single men they knew. Now, coming from anĀ Indian family I am no stranger to the idea […]

Liking the same breakfast cereal isn’t compatibility Every now and then I see a profile on Tinder that perfectly matches mine. It mirrors my likes and dislikes, and line for lineĀ appears to beĀ  directly responding to my own profile. It’s uncanny. A smile will spread across my face and I willĀ think to myself ” Did […]

The hunt for digs is on. What fresh hell will I discoverĀ this time round. I hate flat hunting. It’s aĀ reminder that you can put a price on freedom and it’s somewhere between Ā Ā£600 and Ā£800 pcm. It’s a small price to pay for sanity I suppose.Ā That’s only if this group of flatmates doesn’t drive me […]

Why haveĀ some peopleĀ got their panties in a bunch about loving Pokemon Go? As a Pokemon fan from way back,Ā nothing has made me happier than the chance to update my pokedex, get out there and meet other like minded nerds. Weā€™re adorable. Think of us like asexual doggers, wandering around parks and scenic routes,looking for invisible […]

The future looks more like the past than the past did. When I was a kid, I thought that in 2005Ā I would have those self lacing hi-tops from Back to the FutureĀ and be living in a Jetsons style apartment in space. The technological advancements have been amazing. Even if I do seem remarkably underwhelmed a […]