Life as we know it

The future looks more like the past than the past did. When I was a kid, I thought that in 2005 I would have those self lacing hi-tops from Back to the Future and be living in a Jetsons style apartment in space. The technological advancements have been amazing. Even if I do seem remarkably underwhelmed a lot of the time. Why can’t I Whatsapp underground? Why … Continue reading Life as we know it

Happy Endings

Things work always work out in the end. Even gastroenteritis. All it took was one bite of the egg. I heaved up the banana milkshake quicker than I’d drunk it. Then whatever else was left of the Tonsai devil burger I had at the start of my journey. That’s what I get for eating a burger at the beach. I was climbed out. Tired. And I had … Continue reading Happy Endings

Year of the Monkey

It’s good to be impulsive. And occasionally life threatening. It’s the year of the monkey. Naturally, I was born in the year of the monkey. Witty, sociable, easily bored, stubborn. Sums me up perfectly I think. No better time to get harnessed up and back on the face of a mountain. It’s been a few years since I went boulder climbing. It used to be … Continue reading Year of the Monkey


Colonic irrigation is about as fancy as it sounds. The room was small, incense burned, a jazzy tune played, but the roar of the ocean could still be heard in the background. I stared hard at the long wooden plank leading to the toilet in the middle of the room. Above it, a bucket filled with coffee infused water and a system of tubes. I listened … Continue reading Cleanse